Doggerlander California Common Beer, Quito, Ecuador

Doggerlander California Common – 330ML Can

$4.25 + IVA 12%

Doggerlander California Common – 330ML Can


California Common (aka Steam Beer) – A copper steam beer, AMBER in color, fermented with lager yeast at warmer than normal temps.  The perfect mix between an Ale and a Lager.

Cerveza cobriza; maltosa, ligeramente frutal y con amargor pronunciado. Tiene un regusto seco y tiene cuerpo a pesar de ser una cerveza bien refrescante. La mezcla perfecta entre una cerveza Ale y Lager

Flavor profile:medium bodied, possesses a malty character


Size 330ML Can
IBU 15
ABV 5.5%
Country / País Quito, Ecuador



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