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Quito, Ecuador.

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In 2016, we started off by hosting the largest Beer festival Ecuador has ever seen.  Eventually ranking in as the 3rd largest in South America!


What started off as a boutique beer shop, with the goal to expand the local beer community, quickly turned into our own education about Ecuadorian craft beer culture.

So Much

We arrived here 6 years ago, and 4 of those years have been spent building our little beer shop to the busy gastropub it is today.  And we are still not done!

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The Best Of Ecuador

We offer the best beers from the best brewers in Ecuador.

Quito Hotspot

For more than 6 years, we have been a popular gathering place for tourists, expats & local professionals

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Sausages, Quito, Ecuador


Carefully crafted food to accent our beer and beverage selections.

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Microbeer Craft Beer Quito Ecuador

Beer Store

Currated selection providing the best of Ecuador and the World.

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VIVA Cerveza Events, Quito, Ecuador


We offer unique events, tastings, and gatherings.

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VIVA Cerveza Location, Quito Ecuador


Centrally located in the Financial District. The most prestigous neighborhood in Quito.

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This Is Truly A Paradise.


We arrived here 6 years ago, with our 2 kids.  We had no plans on what we were going to do here in Ecuador, and figured once we got here we would figure it out.  Boy, did we ever.  What started as just a Beer Festival in 2016 –  the first of it’s kind in Ecuador, and 3rd Largest in South America – turned into a movement of it’s own, spawned into a 2nd Festival (twice bigger than the first), a Beer Store, and a Gastropub.  Our place has been at the forefront of the Micro Beer revolution taking place in the country.  Providing a location for people to grow and learn about the quality products and talented brewers in the country.  In addition to providing the local breweries with an outlet for their product in a venue which respects and honors their hard work.  A place where the owners, staff, and customers can appreciate all that they offer.   In addition, it’s always been our objective to NEVER compete with them, which is why we do not brew our own beer.  We figured there are PLENTY of excellent brewers in the country – we CHOSE to focus on them.  Do we have a favorite? You bet… it’s the one we choose to drink now.

Fast forward to 2023… Our children are growing up fast, and we had to return to our hometown of NYC.  We have our parents and grandparents to think of and take care of, especially during these trying times.  Family which we left behind and now need us to be in their lives to help and support.  While these 6 years here in Ecuador have been wonderful, we now have to think of others who depend on us.

Ecuador is such a beautiful place and truly a paradise.  From the low cost of living, to the access of local fresh fruits and vegetables, and the culture.  LOVE the culture. While here, we climbed Cotopaxi – one of the world’s highest volcanoes (not quite to the top, but as high as we could go).  Enjoyed the natural springs of Papallacta.  Sampled the finest Cacao and Chocolate in the world.  And camped out in the Amazons, enjoying a multitude of water falls, wildlife, and swam in rivers so cold it was almost a spiritual moment.  Met people from all walks of life, and experienced the healing of nature thru its Shaman, native plants, herbs, and natural medicines.  We’ve made lifetime friends here, and will surely miss them and this beautiful country.  However, it is time to close this chapter in our life and continue to write the next.

Until we are ready for you again my dear Ecuador.  We will miss you dearly and will be back as often as possible, to enjoy and appreciate you and make new memories.

– Justin, Irina, Gabriel, and Isabella.