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VIVA Cerveza! Gastropub & Beer Shop
Quito, Ecuador

Est. 2016 | Quito, Ecuador

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Our menu has been carefully crafted to accent our beer and unique beverage selections.

Everything on our menu is home made, from scratch – with the exception of our Liquid Nacho Jalapeno Cheese – because who the heck doesn’t like artificial movie theater cheese on their nachos!  (It’s ok to admit it).  From our Artesanal Sausages to our locally grown San Marzano style plum tomatos (used to  create our signature Pomodoro, Bolognese, and Marinarae sauces).  We understand flavors and balance in every aspect from our beers to our wines to our cuisine.

“Tasty food and great beer, set inside a cozy gastropub with kick ass music.”

It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I received. Thanks for making the evening memorable.
Sandra F.

The Beers.

Our beer selection is carefully currated and we only provide the best that Ecuador and the Global beer scene has to offer.  Local brewery favorites from Bandidos, Pagano, Doggerlander, Quitena, alongside a selection of Globally recognzied Imports round out our unique selection not available anywhere else in the country.

Our Events

We offer unique events and gatherings, catering to the advancement of beer culture thru tastings, language exchange, live music, and art centric events.

Our Location

Our 2 story house converted into gastropub is conviently located in the heart of the financial and business district of Quito.   Just look for the Pink House!

Craft Beer Quito Ecuador

Featured Beers

The best way to experience our wide collection every changing beer is to visit us.  We also offer delivery, but our beer menu does change daily and there are times we sell out of stuff.  

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